The Intuitive Professional Master Mind Program

This program is for those who wish to develop and work as a Professional Psychic / Medium, Spiritual Healer or Spiritual Teacher / Leader.

Individual mentoring with Susan Kennedy is designed to take you a new level of confidence and professionalism.

You will be given one on one training to ensure you reach the highest standard enabling you to fulfil your destiny as a Light Worker, Reader, Healer, Teacher, Speaker and Leader.

You will have the opportunity to participate in Group Training where you can practice your skills and further develop your professional and personal confidence.

You will have the opportunity to attend any retreats and either participate or ‘crew’ if you wish to.

There are limited places for this Mentoring Program as there is a high one on one component. THE ONE TO ONE training will be conducted via zoom video link.

What Will You Gain by This Program?


Specific Training in All Levels of Intuitive Awareness, psychic and mediumship if requested


Training to develop the strong connection with higher spiritual guidance


Training and guidance to clear any blocks to your success, physical, spiritual, mental or emotional


The confidence and tools to set strong personal and business boundaries


A new perspective on your value and worth in your personal and work life


The tools for you to become your own authority giving you confidence to create your world the way you want it to be


Access to accountability calls with others in the mentoring programs Susan offers


Opportunities to get involved with workshops, meetups, retreats and events Susan holds.

This program is for those who wish to develop and work as a Professional Psychic / Medium, Spiritual Healer or Spiritual Teacher / Leader.

Personal mentoring with Susan Kennedy is designed to take you to a new level of confidence and professionalism.

You will be given personal training to ensure you reach the highest standard enabling you to fulfil your destiny as a Light Worker, Reader, Healer, Teacher, Speaker and Leader.

You will have the opportunity to participate in Group Training where you can practice your skills and further develop your professional and personal confidence.

You will have the first opportunity to be a part of all retreats and events and either participate or where opening become available ‘crew’ if you wish to work alongside Susan.

ACCEPTANCE into Susan’s Intuitive Professional Master Mind Program is by application only due to limited positions and to ensure this is right for you.

What others say about Susan’s Mentoring

Coming into this program I was not sure of what outcome I wanted, I just knew I had to do it. I am so glad I followed my intuition and joined. In the short time I’ve been participating, I am amazed at the changes within myself. I feel stronger, more powerful and beautiful. Why? Because I am more “ME” than I have ever been. I’ve been given tools and support to create the safety for ME to step more fully into myself. Susan has been there to share her love, her knowledge and her support from the beginning. She is only a phone call away. I am so excited to meet the rest of who I am as I step fully into myself with the rest of this amazing course. Hope you do the same.

- Vicki Bennett, NSW

I remember placing a wish into the palms of my hands and releasing it to the universe. “Please send me a mentor who can guide and support me through this new phase of my life and help me find purpose”
A very short time later, after having found Susan and having a reading, she placed in front of me a copy of her “Sacred Spiritual Business Mentoring” 12 month program.

I didn’t have to read it to know this was what I had asked for. I felt an overwhelming sense of warmth and joy and knew that a new chapter in my life was going to begin.

My greatest admiration for this beautiful lady who walks beside you gently guiding and encouraging you along the way. She walks the talk and faces her own challenges, that call her forward to grow, and she does this with a grace and commitment to her own evolving spirit.

The greatest teachers and mentors among us teach from experience and show us the way. Susan is this kind of mentor. You are in safe and gentle hands, guided on an inner journey to your own beautiful bliss and the ever evolving radiant being that you were always meant to be.

- Charlie Robb

Before joining Susan’s Program, I felt stuck and alone in regards to my spiritual development. The door had been opened with reiki healers, psychics and a whole lot of reading (A Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson, Pablo Coelho and more) and I was ready to walk right into the darkness and the light – but I needed the right guidance and support.

When I look back at the outcome I wanted at the end of this program, it was self-love and the confidence to speak my truth.  Only three months in, I have made life-changing progress. I have a love and acceptance of myself that I have never experienced, and the courage and support to communicate my inner most feelings. I am becoming my biggest champion and nurturing a deep and loving relationship with myself.

Not only have people told me that I am radiating love and holding a space of peace that they take comfort in, my own self talk has dramatically changed– and the positive effect it’s had on my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health is immeasurable.

The program is working for me for many reasons: leadership, community, consistency and accountability. Susan is human, she is warts and all and she shares the tools to do the work yourself. She epitomizes Galileo’s quote: “You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.” Only this is life-changing work, because only the change that comes from within is sustainable. I feel confident to take the things I’ve discovered within myself, with Susan’s mentoring, and apply them in future without depending on my mentor. Susan has created a community where we share the highs and lows of our individual journeys, giving and receiving support from women who understand and connect with spirit. With workshops, webinars, Facebook groups, buddy systems and homework, consistent practice and teachings keep momentum going and the demand to show up facilitates constant development.

Before the course began, fear and insecurity around the financial commitment of this course almost held me back from participating. I honour the small voice of self-love that pushed me to proceed. What I pay does not come close to the benefits I am receiving: growth, peace, unconditional love, hope and faith in abundance. Thank you, Susan.

- Chauntelle, NSW

I am a flower bud just waiting to burst into full bloom but what is holding me back, I’m not just sure.

Eventually I hear the sounds of a bee. Maybe it’s a Queen Bee looking for some new pollen?

Is this the time I reveal myself – maybe just a petal or two?

Oh, my, what a beautiful bee it is, sharing her knowledge, her wisdom, her healing, her insights.

I long for this beautiful bee to return so I expose more petals as I too have more confidence, intuition and I can see I’m not the only flower transforming, blossoming and blooming.

My bee returns constantly as together we are on a journey and I will be in full bloom. I won’t shrivel up and dry as I will transform into an everlasting flower to do my work and show gratitude for who I have become….thank you Susan Kennedy for the mentoring!

- Cheryl Blow, NSW

“Being part of the tribe that Susan has created helps me continually to feel supported and connected to likeminded women who are learning from many of the same challenges I am. I am more centered and effective in my work and personal life because of this group” 

- Karlie Wilson, NSW

A few months ago, I was blessed enough to go on Susan Kennedy’s Venus Rising Retreat, and that was the beginning of another journey into myself.

The last couple months I have been doing Susan’s mentoring programme. In doing this I have been able to see the light that shines within me as I follow hers.

She is your lighthouse; she’s there shining her light as you sail your ship into safe clear waters. The seas will still be rough as we can’t control outside influences, but what Susan’s course does for you is paramount to your survival.

I’ve been guided along the way discovering that I am always the captain of my own ship. There are many teachers you are lead to, but I can honestly say I am so grateful to have sailed into her fleet.

Her teachings of self-discovery have empowered me to wash the sea air off my own lighthouse so it can start shining brighter than ever, for my fleet to find their way. 

A ripple effect is surely created once you connect to this incredible woman’s teachings…being mindful you can and will learn to weather any storm, as she throws you a life jacket like no other.

Her unique attribute you’ll find with Susan Kennedy, is that you don’t ever sail your ship alone…. she will always be on board…port and starboard side. …line up, sign up…your ship awaits. …. blessings of gratitude always for my journey with Susan Kennedy

- Cheryl Rathborne, NSW

Susan is very gifted and draws on a rich depth of knowledge and personal experience to challenge course participants to dig deeply to uncover what’s holding them back from embracing life more fully. Susan’s course will take you on an intense journey of self-discovery and healing. 

You will learn wonderful skills to find those areas you need to shine more light on, to help clear the way for developing your insight. The Reiki and intuitive skills provide a foundation for self-healing which along with the business skills, provide a solid foundation to enable you to assist others on their healing journey.

- Ann Maree, NSW

I always knew I had good instincts, that I often ignored. This was how Susan and I first met. I was exploring my spiritual side and came across an intuition course Susan was doing. It was amazing and the shift in me palpable. After that I was hooked and had to do everything Susan offered whether it be Reiki, healings or her networking group. It was amazing the more I did with Susan the greater personal growth I experienced. So, of course when I found out about Susan mentor program I thought I’m in. What better way to expedite my growth than with a whole year with Susan. So, I joined.

I was not disappointed. The program is diverse and personally challenging – but in a good way. I have learned how to recognise and then let go of things that trigger me – and now as I deal with stuff I am finding I get triggered less. I have also learned how to notice things, not only about myself but about others also which has really helped me with my reactions to people and situations. I have also found my intuition is getting stronger and stronger as I trust in it more and I find myself guided by it rather than my analytical lawyers brain.

It’s funny even though some people do not understand what or why I am doing this they have noticed a change in me. My husband thinks I am a lot calmer and don’t react to things as I previously would have. He thinks that I am more insightful in my observation of things and overall sees positive changes which is great as the goal in the first place was to be a better version of myself.

The best things I have found is the one on one time with Susan, it is here that I find the real gold. The information and its delivery is perfect for me and I enjoy each session we have – even when they are emotionally taxing.

I would recommend the program to anyone looking to really give personal growth a go. It will change you so be ready for greatness.

- Lisa Gold, Coast

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