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The Intuitive Professional

As a reiki master, Susan focuses on how you bring the intuitive process into energy healing by giving you all you need to have in order to help yourself and others at a professional psychic, mediumship and intuitive healing level. This is a one of a kind training to develop high-level skills and spiritual connection. You will never need another program in this professional niche again.

Many people spend years trying to heal, trying to understand more about who they are and trying to connect all the missing links in their lives and the lives of others.

Receiving crystal clear guidance and trust it implicitly gets you to the desired destination in a much faster time and with more effective results.

Imagine being able to clearly hear messages from your Spirit team of helpers and to know exactly what is required in any situation. How would it be if you clearly saw the solution to any dilemma so you can have better health, more wisdom and a more productive life and business? How would it be for you if you trusted in your feelings so much that decisions were easy and they were right?

This program is designed to deepen your connection with your healing, psychic and mediumship skills so you are able to easily connect to higher wisdom, and heal others at a DNA cell level.

Susan’s many years of teaching energy healing, psychic and mediumship development and working with thousands of clients is shared with you in this program.

We have carefully crafted this program so you get the ultimate results from the comfort and convenience of your home. There are 7 major components all specifically designed to help you become the Intuitive Professional who gets results and who is confident in all ways.

1 – One on One Coaching

Private coaching with a highly qualified Psychic Medium who will take you deeper into your individual journey so the program is completely tailored for your needs. If you want to work with people, animals or plants intuitively, your coach will show you how. We know results are enhanced by 80% when people engage fully in the great opportunity that personal coaching offers.

2 – 1 x One on One session with Susan

to release any past limiting beliefs that act as walls and barriers to your intuitive development and growth so you can step into and fulfil your purpose as a healer.

3 – 6 months of monthly mentoring calls with Susan

exclusive to mentor clients onlyThis is your opportunity to keep on growing, training and stay connected because the journey of development is a continuing one. This is also a place to connect with your new peers.

4 – Susan’s Blueprint for Success

specifically designed for Healers, Psychic’s & Lightworkers

5 – Psychic and Mediumship Home study Lightworkers Intuitive Training

with 40+ training videos specifically on your psychic and mediumship development with exercises and meditations that will connect you to all of your clairs and to the spirit world.This is a one of a kind as well as a transformational journey which will shift the way you experience yourself in the world for the better

6 – ​Intuitive Healing Development and Energy Work home study

Online training specifically on healing all aspects of your life. Developing healing energy that reiki masters have used for thousands of years. As a reiki master, Susan focuses on how you bring the intuitive process into energy healing. This course gives you all you need to have in order to help yourself and others. This is a one of a kind training and one that will be constantly updated and grown for high-level results and development of your intuitive healing levels and skillset. 

7 – Unlimited email Q&A access to your coach

8 – 2 x tickets to Susan’s 1 Day LIVE event in Intuitive Development

(1 x for you 1 x for an accountability spirit partner)

9 – Lifetime free access to the Intuitive Hub community

where Susan does healing training twice a month

10 – Tried and Tested Tools

for you to grow and start working as a Lightworker in the industry“My promise to you: This will be the last training and development you need to become a professional in the industry.”

To become part of this exclusive training, please complete the application form to set up an interview with Susan so we ensure this is the right program for you.

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  1. Chris Bryson

    I have just recently finished my eight week course Intuitive Professional and it has been intense – opening my eyes by challenging me to consider practices that I did not think was in my realm of possibility. Daily documentation of the worksheets helped me to gain wisdom, clarity and realisation of the connectivity in the process of spiritual awakening through the answers that I sought coming together in a meaningful cohesive way – through the many possibilities of finding messages by practices in different modes that I did not think possible for me. Guidance and support by the lovely Heather help me to have the confidence to improve upon any small gains I may have not thought significant at the time. I will miss her friendly chats! This course helped me to expand on my knowledge, connect, learn through reflection and TRUST in myself and the process – now it is up to me to continuing with my practice. THANK YOU!

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January 22, 2020

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